Saturday, 17 December 2011

my feelings and expectation in UBI 1022's first class

My first class engglish on Thursday cancel. So, i'm can rest. First time i'm learn UBI on Monday. My lecturers names is miss Junaidah. She is so cute.Now, I want go to about my fellings and expectation in ubi1022's first class. My feelings learn language engglish is fear,nervous and other because I am afraid to be questioned. I know that I do know learn in engglish but I will try to study hard. My hope is I can score A in engglish because I want to prove myself and I want to tell them I also can learn engglish. My familys especially my parents always motivating to me so that I do not give in before I try the best. This makes me not give up thought the results of my first semester very disappointed. I admit that it is difficult learn the language engglish but I will learn as long as I can. I hope that my decision in the second semester will be better then before it and excellent. If my decision excellent, I want to be right gift for my parents because I want to see them happy.

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